Up to 5 Passengers $600

Up to 8 Passengers $700

Up to 11 Passengers $800

Up to 14 Passengers $900

5% city sales tax

Price is for the group, not per person.


This excursion begins with a city tour through the Historic Downtown District for a view of boardwalks and buildings from the Gold Rush era.

The Yukon Border excursion parallels the scenic WP&YR Railroad and offers breathtaking views. On the drive we will travel over the rugged coastal mountain range and see glacier fed waterfalls while amidst the temperature rainforest. Once we make it over the pass we enter British Columbia and travel through a 300 year old krummholz forest of “Canadian Bonsai” trees in Tormented Valley. This area is rich in history and full of stunning views of glacier fed lakes. There is always an opportunity to see wildlife on the pass such as Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Marmot and Ptarmigan. Photo stop options include but are not limited to Pitchfork Falls, Tormented Valley, Bridal Veil Falls and the Welcome to Alaska Sign. The White Pass is the perfect backdrop for family and group photos. A stop at Bridal Veil Falls will give you the opportunity to drink ice cold glacier water! This water is collected on site and filtered for your safety.

Once over the White Pass Summit we will continue on through Tormented Valley to the South Lakes Region. Traveling further into the boreal forest increases your chances of seeing bears, mountain goat, lynx and moose. This excursion journeys along the raging Tutshi River and the shoreline of Tutshi Lake to the Yukon border. We stop here to get a photo at the Welcome to the Yukon sign.

Additional stop options include a chance to gold pan like a sourdough, a visit to Yukon Suspension Bridge, a stop at the Tutshi Sled Dog Camp and a visit to the historic Gold Rush Cemetery with a walk to Lower Reid Falls. Please note in your reservation if you would like to add any of these exciting options.