Enjoying 10,000 year old water freshly melting from the glacier above. Water just doesn’t get any better than this! Bottoms Up!

A few weeks ago I was asked to be interviewed by KHNS, our local radio station, since I was starting Midnight Sun Excursions and making my 20 year dream come true!
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20-year dream comes true for Skagway tour operator

You may be one in a million that has already booked a cruise to Alaska this summer. This means you will more than likely be visiting Skagway and wondering what to do with your time in this little one mile town. My advise? Book an excursion with us! Leave the crowds behind and venture off into the last frontier and experience what Alaska is all about!

As spring comes closer people are looking forward to a summer vacation. Many of those people are planning their “trip of a lifetime” with a cruise to Alaska. If you are one of those people you may not realize how close you will be to the magnificent and breathtaking Yukon Territory. If you are visiting Skagway join me for an adventure into an unforgettable landscape of untamed wilderness.

Here is a map of the grand metropolis of Skagway! As you can see, it is very hard to get lost here. One mile of paradise!