2 to 7 hours

Have the bus all to yourselves! Booking a Private Excursion is often more affordable than booking a tour and allows you to customize your experience with your friends and family.

$110 /hr + 5% sales tax

14 passenger max.

Popular options for your Custom Private Excursion can be found under the Itinerary tab.

You are welcome to add an hour to your excursion if you would also like to visit:

  • The City Overlook which offers a fantastic view of your cruise ship.
  • The Gold Rush Cemetery which is a rustic piece of history nestled in the mountain side next to the glacier fed Skagway River. Behind the cemetery there is a nice ten-minute walk through the rainforest to Reid Falls.

All excursions drive through the Historic Downtown District.

Free Souvenir Cup Unforgettable Photo Stops
Certified Naturalist Guide Lowest Price Guarantee
Pick-up/Drop-off at Cruise Ship Filtered Glacier Water
Remember your Passport!
Dress in Layers Wear Comfortable Shoes
Binoculars Camera

Additional information

LocationSkagway, Alaska
RequiredPassport Required

2-hour White Pass Private Excursion

This excursion offers breathtaking views and parallels the tracks of the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad. On the drive we will travel over the rugged coastal mountain range and see glacier fed waterfalls while amidst the temperature rainforest. Once we make it over the pass we enter British Columbia and travel through a 300 year old krummholz forest of “Canadian Bonsai” trees in Tormented Valley. This area is rich in history and full of stunning views of glacier fed lakes. There is always an opportunity to see wildlife on the pass such as Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Marmot and Ptarmigan. Photo stop options include but are not limited to Pitchfork Falls, Tormented Valley, Bridal Veil Falls and the Welcome to Alaska Sign. The White Pass is the perfect backdrop for family and group photos. A stop at Bridal Veil Falls will give you the opportunity to drink ice cold glacier water! This water is collected on site and filtered for your safety.


5-hour Yukon Border Private Excursion

This excursion offers everything on the 2-Hour White Pass Private Excursion and continues on through Tormented Valley British Columbia. Traveling further into the Boreal forest increases your chances of seeing bears, mountain goat, lynx and moose. This excursion journeys along the raging Tutshi River and the shoreline of Tutshi Lake to the border and welcome sign for the Yukon.

*This excursion offers a stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge. Admission includes a magnificent view of the Tutshi River rapids, an opportunity to walk the exhilarating metal suspension bridge and time to immerse yourself in the educational interpretive areas. They have a coffee shop, a souvenir shop, and a Cliff Side Restaurant where can curb your hunger. They offer a delicious menu including free range, grass fed, Organic Bison Burgers! You can view their website at www.yukonsuspensionbridge.com. If you would like to make a stop here add an hour to your reservation.


7-hour Best of the Yukon Private Excursion

This excursion offers everything on the 5-hour Yukon Border Private Excursion and continues on through the Yukon to the First Nations Village of Carcross. This small village lies along the stunning shore of Bennett Lake and offers miles of sandy beaches. From Carcross we will visit two of the regions natural wonders, the Carcross Desert known as “The Smallest Desert in the World” and the stunning Emerald Lake. Traveling this far into the Yukon increases our chances of seeing wolves, fox and caribou.

*This excursion offers a stop at Caribou Crossing for dog sledding, gold panning and animal lovin’!

  • Meet musher Michelle and her team of dogs which placed 23rd in the 2013 Iditarod. A 30-minute ride with Michelle and her team is $68.50 per person. This also includes time with the husky puppies.
  • Feeling Lucky? Pan raw ore from a mine in the Yukon and strike it rich! Every pan is guaranteed to have gold! $20.50 per person includes admission to the Wildlife Museum and Husky Village.
  • Pet some animals! Caribou Crossing has a small petting zoo with miniature ponies, miniature donkeys, miniature goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, husky puppies and sled dogs. Get some animal lovin’! $8.50 per person includes admission to the Wildlife museum.

You can view their website at cariboucrossing.ca

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